Since 1988… the first complete line of kits for testing Free Light Chains



New Scientific Company (NSC), founded in 1981 by Dr. Leonardo Massaro, operates in the “Clinical Chemistry: Analysis of Protein” sector.In 1991, with its programme for expansion of the organisational structure, New Scientific Company España (NSCe) was set up.


Free Light Chains

This line, which is the result of specific internal work, is exclusive to the NSC who, as the world leaders, have been marketing it since 1988.The objective of the kits is for the qualitative and/or quantitative determination of Free Light Chains in body fluids.The method is based upon the reaction of ImmunoPrecipitation in liquid phase with specific adsorbed antisera anti Free Light Chains – “Hidden” Determinants


Other proteins line

Over the years in reply to market demand,  a series of Kits have been introduced for the nephelometry  determination in liquid phase of several proteins. Among which Retinol Binding Protein in serum and urine (RBP-s RBP-u), Properdin Factor B (PFB – GBG – C3PA), Complement C1q (C1Q) and Complement C1 (esterase) inhibitor (CEI). The experience acquired allows New Scientific Company future implementation and personalisation for nephelometry and tubidimetry applications. 

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