Groups – Spain

Study group  Castiglia/Madrid and Catalogna

At the end of 2002, NSC launched in Spain the start of a multicentric experiment, analogous to those previously performed by the Italian commissions centered on an experimental level in two differentiated geographical areas:

  • The “Castilla-Madrid” area, grouping laboratories from the Madrid area and both Castilas
  • The “Catalunya” area, grouping laboratories throughout Catalonia

Some laboratories from other communities particularly interested in this initiative joined the laboratories of these two areas.

Taking advantage of the experience acquired in Italy, which was considered a good starting point; it was proposed to the participating laboratories to study the same samples analysed by the Italian groups.

The degree of participation was very satisfactory, 25 laboratories between both groups, which achieved the objective proposed, i.e. arouse the participants’ interest in discussing and exchanging experiences on the “Free Light Chains and Bence Jones Proteins determination” argument.

Although the experiment was performed jointly, for operational reasons the meetings were held separately. The “Castilla-Madrid” Group met in Madrid on 26th March 2003, and the “Catalunya” Group, met in Barcelona on 2nd April 2003, which was also attended by laboratories from other areas.

At the meetings it turned out clearly the need to advance in standardization of the methods used in the study of Bence Jones Proteins (BJP), and the groups agreed to perform a new experiment to this effect at the end of 2003.

Study group Aragón/Cantabria/Euskadi/Navarra/Rioja and study group Galizia

The second experiment involved over 40 laboratories, since it represents the constitution of two new study groups who have joined the initiative.

In the said experiment, samples of the same origin were analysed but with greater BJP concentration, trying to obtain results which were more coherent with the different methods (and laboratories) than those obtained in the initial experiment.

The results were presented at the meetings meetings held by the different groups during 2004.

I risultati sono stati esaminati e discussi nelle riunioni che i diversi gruppi hanno fatto durante il 2004.