New Scientific Company (NSC), founded in 1981, operates in the “Clinical Chemistry: Analysis of Protein” sector.

In 1991, with its programme for expansion of the organisational structure, New Scientific Company España (NSCe) was set up.

NSC produces, distributes and provides an after-sales service for high quality products, through specific internal professional skills, innovative and at times exclusive (Free Light Chains Kits Line), with an attractive price-quality ratio.

In addition to its own products, NSC distributes products selected from the best available in the market.

Both promotion and service are in the hands of staff with an excellent level of competence and long experience.


In 1990 the NSC was awarded “Il Premio per l’Innovazione Tecnologica della Camera di Commercio di Milano” (“The Milan Chamber of Commerce Award for Technological Innovation”) for its activity in research in the determination of Free Light Chains.

Study Commissions

Since 1993, NSC has been organising and co-ordinating Study Commissions on “Free Light Chains and Bence Jones Proteins”.

Between 10 and 30 Laboratories participate at each commission. They carry out experimental works and hold periodical meetings of co-ordination and discussion.

The work of the commissions is particularly orientated towards the standardisation of the various aspects of Bence Jones Proteins research and, more generally, of Free Light Chains research.

Quality Certifications

Logo-9001-10014-13485 ISO 10014/2007
ISO 9001/2008
ISO 13485/2012