Immunofixation and immunoelectrophoresis


This chapter groups together certain antisera that are particularly used for immunofixation or immunoelectrophoresis.
They are all purified IgG fraction antisera.
For other antisera that can be used for immunofixation, please see the chapter titled Purified IgG Fraction Antisera.

Unless specified otherwise, all the antisera are of goat anti-human proteins.



Beta-2 Microglobulin 2 ml Ref A.B2M.IGG
Fibrinogen 2 ml Ref A.FIB.IGG
Rabbit anti Free Kappa Light Chains 2 ml Ref A.FRK.IGG
Rabbit anti Free Lambda Light Chains 2 ml Ref A.FRL.IGG
Rabbit anti Free Light Chains Kappa and Lambda (mixed) 2 ml Ref A.FKL.IGG
Immunoglobulins IgA (Alpha Chains) 2 ml Ref A.IGA.IGG
Immunoglobulins IgG (Fc Fragment) 2 ml Ref A.IGG.IGG
Immunoglobulins IgM (Mu Chains) 2 ml Ref A.IGM.IGG
Immunoglobulins Kappa (Kappa Light Chains Bound and Free (B&F)) 2 ml Ref A.KAP.IGG
Immunoglobulins Lambda (Lambda Light Chains Bound and Free (B&F)) 2 ml Ref A.LAM.IGG
Protein C-Reactive 2 ml Ref A.CRP.IGG
Rabbit anti Retinol Binding Protein 2 ml Ref A.RBP.IGG
Transferrin 2 ml Ref A.TRF.IGG