Purified IgG fraction


The IgG fraction is prepared by chromatographic separation of the IgGs of standard antisera.
This procedure removes most of the non-specific proteins from the antiserum and gives a reagent that is made almost exclusively of antibodies.
This determines a minor tendency to aggregation of the antibodies and, consequently, greater stability and, above all, a low unspecific reagent background, which is particularly important in reactions in gel precipitation.
They have a very high avidity and titre, which makes them ideal even for liquid-phase immunoprecipitation techniques, immunoturbidimetry and immunonephelometry.


This is controlled by immunoelectrophoresis against human serum twice concentrated and enriched with antigens that are normally absent or present at low concentrations in human serum.

Title: the variation of the titre from one lot to another is below 10%.
Form: liquid.
Stability: more than one year at 2-8 ºC.


  • Qualitative:
    • Immunoprecipitation in gel: immunoelectrophoresis, immunofixation, etc.
    • First antibody in indirect techniques: immunofluorescence, immunoenzymatic, etc.
  • Quantitative:
    • Immunoprecipitation in gel: radial immunodiffusion, electroimmunoprecipitation (Laurell), etc.
    • Liquid-phase immunoprecipitation: turbidimetry, nephelometry.

Unless specified otherwise, all the antisera are of goat anti-human proteins.



Albumin 2 ml Ref A.ALB.IGG
Alfa-1 Antitrypsin 2 ml Ref A.AAT.IGG
Alfa-1 Acid Glicoprotein (orosomucoid) 2 ml Ref A.AGP.IGG
Alfa-2 Macroglobulin 2 ml Ref A.A2M.IGG
Antithrombin III 2 ml Ref A.AT3.IGG
Beta-2 Microglobulin 2 ml Ref A.B2M.IGG
Ceruloplasmin 2 ml Ref A.CER.IGG
Complement C1 (esterase) Inhibitor 2 ml Ref A.CEI.IGG
Complement C1q 2 ml Ref A.C1Q.IGG
Complement C3 (Beta1C/Beta1A/C3c) 2 ml Ref A.CC3.IGG
Complement C4 (Beta1F) 2 ml Ref A.CC4.IGG
Ferritin 2 ml Ref A.FER.IGG
Fibrinogen 2 ml Ref A.FIB.IGG
Fibronectin 2 ml Ref A.FIN.IGG
Rabbit anti Free Kappa Light Chains 2 ml Ref A.FRK.IGG
Rabbit anti Free Lambda Light Chains 2 ml Ref A.FRL.IGG
Rabbit anti Free Light Chains Kappa and Lambda (mixed) 2 ml Ref A.FKL.IGG
Haptoglobin 2 ml Ref A.HPT.IGG
Immunoglobulins IgA (Alpha Chains) 2 ml Ref A.IGA.IGG
Immunoglobulins IgG (Fc Fragment) 2 ml Ref A.IGG.IGG
Immunoglobulins IgM (Mu Chains) 2 ml Ref A.IGM.IGG
Immunoglobulins Kappa (Kappa Light Chains Bound and Free (B&F)) 2 ml Ref A.KAP.IGG
Immunoglobulins Lambda (Lambda Light Chains Bound and Free (B&F)) 2 ml Ref A.LAM.IGG
Lipoprotein (a) 2 ml A.LPA.IGG Prealbumin (TBPA, Prealb. Binding Tiroxin) 2 ml Ref A.PAL.IGG
Protein C-Reactive 2 ml Ref A.CRP.IGG
Rabbit anti Retinol Binding Protein 2 ml A.RBP.IGG Transferrin 2 ml Ref A.TRF.IGG