Fluorescent conjugated


Fluorescein Isothiocyanate (FITC), isomer I, is conjugated with the purified IgG fraction of the antiserum.
The free fluorochrome is removed by gel filtration and the optimum flurochrome/protein (F/P) ratio is ensured by ionic exchange chromatography.


This is controlled by immunoelectrophoresis against human serum twice concentrated and enriched with antigens that are normally absent or present at low concentrations in human serum.

Title: the variation of the titre from one lot to another is below 10%.
Form: liquid.
Stability: more than one year at 2-8 ºC.


Immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry, biopsies, quantitative fluorescence.

Unless specified otherwise, all the antisera are of goat anti-human proteins.



Albumin 2 ml Ref A.ALB.FITC
Complement C1q 2 ml Ref A.C1Q.FITC
Complement Component 3 2 ml Ref A.CC3.FITC
Complement Component 4 2 ml Ref A.CC4.FITC
Fibrinogen 2 ml Ref A.FIB.FITC
Immunoglobulin A 2 ml Ref A.IGA.FITC
Immunoglobulin G (Fc Specific) 2 ml Ref A.IGG.FITC
Immunoglobulin IgM 2 ml Ref A.IGM.FITC
Kappa Light Chain (F & B) 2 ml Ref A.KAP.FITC
Lambda Light Chain (F & B) 2 ml Ref A.LAM.FITC